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The right secondary raw material secures the sustainable manufacturing of numerous products, both for today and tomorrow. Every day, potential secondary raw materials land unchecked in oceans or brought to landfills in third-world countries with catastrophic results for both people and the environment. Source One is fighting this by supporting industry with classified secondary raw materials.
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Today, contemporary engineering is responsible for a productivity development system comprised of people, processes, materials and the right technical solutions which also conforms to humane and resource-conserving conditions. And the declared goal of all of this? Operable and easy-to-maintain plants, adaptive systems solutions, high availability and valid outputs with the highest possible quality.
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Sustainable business means sustainable actions. The speed of the changes in all facets of recycling and waste management have rarely been so high. Because of both local and global changes in laws, the pressure on manufacturers and distributors to make their products more recycling-friendly and resource-saving is growing. Source One stands for specialist, client-oriented and targeted consultation in these far-reaching topics.
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